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GREENIES PILL POCKETS Soft Dog Treats, Peanut Butter, Capsule, 7.9 oz.

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Manufacturer The Nutro Company
Brand Greenies
Color Peanut Butter
Model 10100655
UPC 642863101281
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5 Aug 2017

Siamese Cat and Kitten Information

The Siamese is a sleek, short haired cat of medium size. They have long legs, a tubular body with males often sporting a chiseled head shape. Almond shaped, the color of the eyes of Siamese kittens can be determined at around 8 weeks of age.

4 Aug 2017

Allergies Can Be A Real Pet Peeve

As many owners will confirm, pets are more than animals living in their house. They are part of the family.

5 Aug 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Hairballs

What is the condition of hairballs? Hairballs result from accumulations of hair in the digestive tract. Cats are fastidious cleaners, spending a great deal of time grooming their hair.

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    1 Aug 2017 Posted By Clara O.

    Why Cats Make Such Good Pets

    Cats are very good pets as they don't require as much attention as other options such as a dog. You don't have to walk the cat and you don't have to deal with it barking at everything that happens to walk by your home. Young cats are extremely playful and you can interact with them when you want to.

  • Blog Entry
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    6 Jul 2017 Posted By Sterling G.

    Adopting A Cute Cat Or Adorable Kitten

    There is not that much difference between adopting a cat and adopting a dog, however, there are a few differences in their behavior that you will need to consider before adopting a cat or kitten.

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